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Stonefield Terrace

Projects! Projects! Projects!
Posted on May 25th, 2015

There is lots of activity around Stonefield Terrace this spring.  We are finishing up some old projects and working on some new ones as well.  Here is a summary of what is happening:
Old Projects
There are two old projects that were authorized and started in previous years that are just now getting completed.  First, repairs to unit chimneys, a project authorized and started way back in 2013, is being completed.  In many units, chimney caps have failed allowing water to seep into the structure of the chimney and surrounding building, causing rot and, if allowed to continue without repair, structural failure of the chimney and surrounding areas.  This is a necessary repair to maintain the integrity of our condo units.  Second, removal and replacement of selected shrubbery, a project authorized last year and not started, is underway.
New Projects
A failed street light on OGD, along with some incredibly high cost estimates for repair, caused us to take a look at some other options for streetlights.  As a result, we are working with a new electrical contractor (Nickles Electric) to rewire the failed light, and are replacing our old, inefficient, and repair-prone streetlights with modern, energy-efficient LED streetlights.  By combining the repair and replacement projects, the cost for repair was reduced significantly, and the new streetlights will pay for themselves in electrical savings within a 5 year period.
The mulching project was completed last week which adds lots of visual appeal to the bases of trees, flower beds, and other landscaping elements.  The current plan is to repeat this mulching process on an every 3 year basis.
Ornamental Crab Apple trees were given a much-needed and long overdue professional pruning this spring.  This is for the health of the tree as well as trimming branches away from buildings.  If you have a Crab Apple tree that you feel still needs additional pruning, please contact Adam at Condo Management.
The Emerald Ash Borer (a beetle that destroys ash trees) is in Wisconsin, and specifically, is in Madison.  It is possible to protect the ash trees in SFT through chemical treatments over the next few years until the Emerald Ash Borer infestation burns itself out.  We will be treating the ash trees located with SFT to prevent them from being killed by the Emerald Ash Borer.  The cost of removing a dead ash tree is much higher than the cost of treatment, so doing nothing would cost the association more in the long run.  Besides, we would like to preserve our mature ash trees.